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In addition to yours truly, the Grumpy Golfer, the articles on this site are written by Ian Brooks. A freelance writer who has worked in the golf industry for many years.

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The Grumpy Golfer

Why is the Grumpy Golfer a grumpy golfer? Well, he is fed up of seeing golf sites created by people who have no clue about the game. He’s also fed up of sites like Forbes and Toms Hardware muscling in on a topic they have no right to talk about. Leave golfers to write about golf I say!


ian s brooks
Ian S. Brooks

Ian is a freelance writer on Fiverr with a love for everything golf. He has previously worked as a Marketing Executive for Irish golf retailer, Halpenny Golf, where one of his roles was to set up and run the company’s blog. He also ran his own website in the past giving out weekly betting tips on the PGA and European (now DP World) Tours.