What Are Logo Overrun Golf Balls

What Are Logo Overrun Golf Balls?

Logo Overrun Golf balls are otherwise brand-new balls that have had some form of logo or message printed on them.

For one reason or another the balls were not needed by the customer and the retailer or manufacturer is looking to move them on quickly at a discount.

Sometimes they might be supplied in plain packaging or just a bag but usually they will still use normal retail packaging.

What Are The Advantages Of Logo Overrun Golf Balls?

The biggest advantage is their lower price. A logo overrun golf ball is likely to be between 25% and 50% less than the normal retail price.

This means you are getting a brand-new ball for the price of a lake ball.

You are also going to have no problems identifying your ball on the course as its pretty unlikely anyone else will have the same logo on their ball!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Logo Overrun Golf Balls?

I can only think of 2 disadvantages.

The first is the logo or slogan that is printed on the ball. If you would be unhappy playing with your buddies while using a golf ball that said “Happy Mother’s Day” then maybe logo overrun golf balls aren’t for you. Assuming you can put aside any worries about what’s printed on the ball then you are getting a top quality ball for a used price.

The other is that your choice of balls is restricted since not every model of ball is going to be selected for printing and even fewer will therefore be surplus to requirements.

If you are looking to save money but can’t find the balls you like as logo overruns then you might want to give lake balls a try.

Can You Do Anything Else With Logoed Golf Balls?

Yes, aside from using them to play golf you could start collecting logoed golf balls. It’s one of the cheaper ways of getting into golf memorabilia.

Logo balls aren’t going to be very expensive to get hold of and you can often find them on the golf course which makes it very easy to start.

College logo golf balls

How Much Do Logo Overrun Balls Cost?

Logo overrun balls seem to be on a par with top-quality lake balls in terms of their pricing.

Even if they are a few pounds or dollars more I think it’s worth the extra to know that you are getting the best possible performing ball.

Here are some prices from UK/US based retailers:

BallNew PriceLogo Overrun
Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis£50£38
Titleist Pro V1$50$35
Titleist Pro V1£50£36
Callaway Chrome Soft 2020 model£40£30
Srixon Z-Star XV£40£33
Bridgestone Tour B X 2020 model$45$35
Logo overrun golf ball prices

Do Logos Affect The Golf Ball?

Well according to Titleist they might affect the consistency of the flight. However ask yourself whether you are consistent enough to judge whether it was an incorrectly applied logo on the ball or your swing.

For 99% of golfers this is likely to be a non-issue.

What Are Logo Overrun Golf Balls: Conclusion

Logo overrun golf balls are a great way of saving a bit of money without having to sacrifice anything in terms of performance.

As long as you want to use a popular ball then you should be able to find someone selling logo overrun versions of it.

Why not give them a try the next time you need to stock up on golf balls!

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