How Much Do Golf Balls Weigh

How Much Do Golf Balls Weigh?

Golf’s governing bodies have set a limit for the maximum weight of a golf ball to 1.62 ounces (45.93 grams). Golf ball manufacturers that want to make money need to conform to the regulations laid down by the R&A and USGA. If they make balls that are heavier than 1.62 oz then they will be unable to sell them in large volumes because people won’t be able to use them in competitions or when marking a card for their handicap.

So how much do golf balls weigh? Let’s find out…

Why Does The Weight Of A Golf Ball Matter?

The size and weight of golf balls are important factors in the game of golf. This is why you have to abide by certain rules in order to get your ball onto the list of conforming golf balls.

There is a upper weight limit because (up to a certain point) a heavier ball would travel further than a lighter one. Rules on golf equipment are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure that technology doesn’t make the game too simple.

What Is Minimum Golf Ball Weight?

No minimum weight is specified in the Rules of Golf because a lighter golf ball is likely to be a disadvantage to the golfer. It is likely that a lighter ball won’t travel as far.

How Much Does 100 Golf Balls Weigh?

A golf ball should weigh no more than 1.62 oz and on average most manufacturers produce balls that weigh just under this limit.

This means that 100 golf balls would weigh around 162 oz or just over 10 pounds. The weight of golf balls can vary slightly depending on the construction materials, but on average, each golf ball will weigh just below the allowable limit.

Do All Golf Balls Weigh The Same?

No, all golf balls do not weigh the same. The United States Golf Association (USGA) states that a golf ball must not exceed 1.62 oz in weight. However, golf ball manufacturers make balls that are slightly lighter than this limit to make sure they meet USGA specifications.

Each manufacturer will have an ideal weight for each model of ball based on the materials used since the ball needs to be at 1.68 inches in diameter as well.

Even then, discrepancies during the production process mean that balls will tend to differ in weight slightly.

Do Different Golf Ball Brands Weigh Different Amounts?

Yes, different golf ball models will weigh different amounts. Here are some example weights with a number of different balls:

Golf BallAverage Weight (grams)Max Weight (grams)Min Weight (grams)
Cut Blue45.6845.7145.56
Kirkland Signature Performance45.7645.8945.66
Srixon Z-Star45.7945.8845.72
Srixon Q-Star Tour45.4645.54 45.36
Srixon Soft Feel 45.4445.5545.24
TaylorMade TP5x45.7545.8845.67
Wilson Staff Duo Soft45.8145.9345.65
Average weights for a range of golf balls

Premium quality balls appear to have better quality control so they tend to be made to better tolerances.

How Much Does a Dozen Golf Balls Weigh?

A dozen golf balls weigh about 12 times 1.62 ounces that’s about 19.44 ounces. The weight quickly adds up so you probably don’t want to be carrying too many balls when you play.

How Much Did The Smaller Ball Weigh?

The 1.62-inch diameter ball that was legal under R&A rules till 1990 also had to weigh at most 1.62 oz. The two bodies eventually standardized on a maximum weight of 1.620 ounces and a minimum diameter of 1.680 inches. Prior to 1990, there had been the larger American ball and the smaller British ball which could be used depending on the rules under which the competition was organized.

For American-based players this meant for 51 weeks a year they would use the larger 1.68 ball but would swap to the smaller-sized ball for the Open Championship run by the R&A.

How Heavy Are Refinished Balls?

That’s even more difficult to determine. You don’t know what processes the ball has gone through when it was refinished or indeed the conditions it was kept in prior to that.

If it’s been at the bottom of a lake for months then it might be above the limit due to water that it has absorbed.

How Do Balls Get On The Conforming List?

The USGA will test 2 dozen of the balls supplied by the manufacturer. If more than 4 of them don’t meet the specification then that ball will not be added to the conforming list.

How Much Do Golf Balls Weigh: Conclusion

This is one of those questions that should have a very specific answer but in reality golf balls all weigh slightly different amounts up to the limit allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh?

A golf ball can weigh no more than 1.62 ounces in order to comply with the Rules of Golf. In an effort to meet the rules manufacturers will produce balls usually in the range of 1.6-1.61 ounces.

Golf Ball Weight In Grams

A golf ball should weigh no more than 1.62 ounces. Using metric measurements this means they can’t be more than 45.93 grams. In order to make sure that the ball passes the test the manufacturer will aim to make them just slightly below this weight.

A recent batch of TaylorMade TP5s had an average weight of 45.75 grams. They ranged from 45.67 to 45.88 grams.

Average Golf Ball Weight

The average weight of new golf balls would have to be below 1.62 oz (45.93 g) in order for them to feature on the conforming balls list. Manufacturers will aim to make the average weight of their balls just under the limit. This means you will typically find the average weight of golf balls is in the region of 45.3 – 45.8 grams.

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